lunes, 28 de mayo de 2018


Resultado de imagen de speaking

Podéis practicar y ver posibles preguntas para vuestro examen oral en los siguientes enlaces:

martes, 22 de mayo de 2018


Practice with exercises of relative clauses:

Combine the following sentences using a relative pronoun:

1. The parcel reached me this morning. My brother sent the parcel
2. This is the house. Jack built the house
3. The boy didn’t do his homework. The teacher punished the boy.
4. He tells lies. He deserves to be punished.
5. I know a man. A man wears a prosthetic leg.
6. Bring me the file. The file is on the table.
7. We met a girl. The girl had lost her way.
8. I saw a soldier. A soldier had lost an arm.
9. Once upon a time there lived a giant. The giant was very powerful and cruel.

10. The dog bit the burglar. The burglar was trying to break into the house.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2018


Tenéis que hacer la página 72 del libro. Leer la conversación y realizar el ejercicio 2.
Buscar el vocabulario de la página 73.
Y hacer un writing (página 75, ejercicio 5a- responder a esas 11 preguntas en redacción- debéis mandarmelo a mi correo con el asunto: writing_unit 75)

martes, 8 de mayo de 2018


Aquí dejo las soluciones de la última fotocopia de pasiva:

 1-This road isn't very often used/ isn't used very often. 2-A new ring-road is being
built round the city. 3-I didn't realize that our voice was being recorded.
4-The date of the meeting has been changed. 5-Brian told me that he had been
attacked and robbed in the street.


 1-The garage is cleaned every day. 2-He has been given a lot of money.
3-Two hundred people were arrested (by the police). 4-The words were written by
Paul and the music (was) made by John. 5-Every car engine is thoroughly checked/
is checked thoroughly. 6-This computer is exported to seventy different countries.
7-The factory was opened at nine o'clock. 8-Two million books are sent to America
every year. 9-Were you given enough sugar? 10-The pupils have never been
taught to do that exercise. 11-The biggest sand castle in the world was built by John
Hughes. 12-I was shown the palace where the king lived. 13-Have you ever been
asked to tell the story? 14-The plants were watered and the floor (was) swept in my
absence. 15-More alcohol is drunk by the Scots than the Irish. 16-Fortunately, the
machinery was not damaged. 17-I was paid a lot of money to do the job. 18-The
house is being painted and cleaned by Simon. 19-Deckerd was played by Harrison
Ford in 'Blade Runner'.

 1-The theatre has been modernised. 2-That house is being built by Sanders and
Company. 3-These orders must be obeyed. 4-The documents are kept in this
drawer. 5-The letters were signed by the director. 6-It has been known for a long
time. 7-The two cold and hungry children were carried down the mountain and
taken into a warm room by the rescuers. 8-The arrival of the next plane was
announced over the loudspeakers. 9-Were you sent the photographs which you
were promised? 10-She was carefully shown how to do it. 11-I have been ordered
a new diet (by the doctor). 12-Look what I have been given! 13-Poor John! He was
run down by a bus. 14-New puzzle magazines are being brought out all the time.
15-Everything must be sold before the end of the month. 16-We were told to wait
outside. 17-This article was sent in by our own correspondent. 18-The wrong
headline has been put on this report. 19-Her face can be seen in every gossip
column in the country. 20-It has to be seen to be believed.